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The US Department of Energy estimates that 20-40% of a typical plant's compressed air capacity is wasted by system leaks.


That can literally amount to tens of thousands
of dollars every year!

An AirTech Engineering Leak Detection Audit identifies and quantifies the leak points within your system, allowing you to regain the horsepower and energy costs lost to leaks.  Whether 50HP or 5,000HP, an AirTech Leak Detection Audit will save you bottom line dollars!



Utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art ultrasonic instrumentation, trained AirTech Engineering technicians systematically seek out, locate, tag, log and analyze leaks within the compressed air system throughout your facility.



A report detailing each leak location, including estimated cfm loss and cost per leak, is then provided within three business days following the leak detection survey. 

General Compressed Air Generation Cost and Savings Potential 

Connected Horsepower

Shifts per Day

Yearly Utility Cost

Yearly Leak Cost at 30%



$   8,434

$   2,530



$ 16,868

$   5,060



$ 41,591

$ 12,477

Whether your plant uses 50HP or 5,000HP of compressed air, AirTech Engineering will find ways to quickly reduce your energy usage and save you money - Guaranteed!

How much are air leaks costing you?

Click Here to find out using our Leak Cost Calculator


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