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Compressed Air is Expen$ive!


How much does an air leak cost?


A single 3/32" leak can cost more than $1,500 a year in electricity!  And every dollar lost to leaks, inefficiencies, and inappropriate usage is a dollar of profit that will never be regained. 
How many "little leaks" do you think are in your system?
Go Green & $ave Green 
with our Air Leak Detection Audit
AirTech Engineering is a consulting and service company saving our clients utility costs by analyzing their compressed air systems and performing air leak detection audits.  As a Focus on Energy Service Provider our extensive Air Leak Detection Audit can be performed at no cost to our customers. 
Whether your plant uses 50HP or 5,000HP of compressed air, AirTech Engineering will find ways to quickly reduce your energy usage and save you money - Guaranteed!



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